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Late Spring Break homework.

(I did most of this already, I just didn’t know we had to post it on here sorry) 1. Watch or read something related to your project. I watched one of Daniel Pink’s lectures on motivation in the business world. It talked about how the carrot stick approach to motivating people does not work anymore. … Continue reading

Updates + Reminders

  • Now that you've been considering your research question + project for the past four weeks, it's time to move your work outside of the classroom. Please complete the survey found here to give us an update on your work; your responses will be seen by your "Critical Thinking in .." teacher, as well as by other teachers at the iSchool.
  • Research Requirements:¬†Over the next week you will need to complete research on your chosen topic. First you will need to compile a list of 10-12 resources (article, books, films, etc.) that will broaden your understanding of the topic. For each source chosen you must complete one research notebook page. The guidelines for the research notebook are clearly outlined within the research notebook document. (more…)
  • If you're misplaced your spring break book or just need another reminder, you can find the break activities here. Remember that you'll need to complete the checklist on page two before we return from break; that involves posting a picture of your map, commenting on your map with an explanation of your project idea and research focus, taking the survey (find the link below), and completing the break activities. (more…)
  • Click here to find the survey you'll complete in class on Thursday.
  • Hi everyone ~ Remember to comment on your own post with a short description of what you're thinking your senior project will focus on, what questions or problems you're interested in studying, and/or what form it might take (film, performance, paper, program, etc.)

This is Flow //

"Flow" occurs when our body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This website documents the work of 60 juniors at the NYC iSchool as they develop their senior project proposals. From April - June 2011, they will be asking questions related to their areas of interest, engaging in research to advance their understanding of these areas, and proposing answers to these questions in the form of a research paper and final project. Our goal is to find our flow.