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hello, Flow.

What do you like? What do you want to be better at? What problem do you care most about in the world? Your “mind map” tells a story about you. Here’s how to post it to this blog:

1. If you have a wordpress account, log in. Click on ‘My Blogs’ and click on “Flow //.” If you do not have a wordpress account, check your iSchool email and accept the invitation I have sent you.

2. Create a new post. Name it something like ‘Christina’s mind map,’ so people know what you’re posting.

3. Click on the rectangle next to “Upload/Insert.” That’s where you can add an image.

4. Before you post it, click on Categories and choose “Maps.” In general, you should choose the category that’s appropriate for your post.

5. Click update.

6. Please comment on your own post with information about your area of focus + any project ideas you’re thinking about at this point.



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