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Reggie’s Spring Break Book Response

1. Watch or read something that’s related to your project idea. That might involve Netflix or a magazine or asking Google or something more creative.




2. Click on a category on the right that’s related to your own interests (like “film’) and comment on at least three other project ideas.



3. Find someone to call/interview/email about your project/research idea. Document this conversation.at the moment for this section.

I am currently contacting someone

4. Post the link to your post to Facebook or somewhere else where you can get feedback from your friends on your ideas.

5. Find an example of what you want to do. If you want to create a website, find a website that’s similar to what you’re interested in making.


2 thoughts on “Reggie’s Spring Break Book Response

  1. Your idea of involving history is cool and interesting. You should do like a timeline with all history events. Goodluck

    Posted by choster7 | April 28, 2011, 5:05 pm
  2. Hey Reggie – excited to see what you’ve done over the break. Did any of the activities – things you’ve read or watched – make you think differently about what your project might be?

    Also, are you interested in journalism at all?

    I was speaking to Mr. Strauss about your project ideas, and he’s interested in working with you to further develop them.

    Posted by Christina Jenkins | April 29, 2011, 7:11 am

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