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Research Requirements: Over the next week you will need to complete research on your chosen topic. First you will need to compile a list of 10-12 resources (article, books, films, etc.) that will broaden your understanding of the topic. For each source chosen you must complete one research notebook page. The guidelines for the research notebook are clearly outlined within the research notebook document.

Due Dates:
Research slides #1-7 (background information) will be due on Monday, 5/9; Research slides #8-12 (historical information) will be due on Monday,  5/16.

Step 1: Download the Research Notebook
Step 2: Copy and paste the document into Google Docs
Step 3: Title the document: First and Last Name, Research, Sec A
Step 4: Share the document: FFay@nycischool.org; CJenkins@nycischool.org

Listed below are some useful search engines to begin your research:

Search Engines:
Google Scholar

New York Public Library

News Sources:
Ted Talks 
NPR: National Public Radio
New York Times
Washington Post
Associated Press
LA Times
CS Monitor

Research Tips:
Finding Internet Sources
Research and Sources
Research Tips



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