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8 1/2 x 11

1. How does the music industry control artists and their consumers?

2.  I am going to create a visual album. The album will consist of spoken word that I have written about my issue. I’ve looked at and studied the history of spoken word.

3. I care about this problem because I feel like music is a BIG part of a large majority of peoples lives, and I believe that music is powerful and people need to know and understand what they are actually listening to and how it effects them on a day to day basis. I also want to address the ethical and moral changes that a lot of have artists make  to become a part of the industry and how people who are not so willing to change suffer.

4. I am planning to research the lives of specific artists before their fame and success and how they’ve changed or contradicted past beliefs. I am also looking at various spoken word performances to help perfect my craft and see different styles I can incorporate into mine.

5. The audience for my work is mainly teenagers because although music effects everyone I feel like my generation has been exposed to music that has a different effect; a more negative effect because of the things that is rapped and sung about. Hopefully people will pay closer attention to the things they absorb and listen to.



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