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Jonathan Guzman 1-5 questions

Jonathan Guzman

What is your question/problem?

The problem is that people are using non-clean resources to obtain energy such as coal and natural gas and it is producing air pollution which is affecting food and water quality.

Describe your medium if you know it.  What precedents- similar pieces – you have looked at?

I have looked at acid rain since air pollution produces acid rain.

Why do you care about this problem?

I care about this problem because I have athama and I am very affected by the poor quality of air that we all inhale.  In addition, I also care because food and water quality becomes affected and acid rain also affects other countries because the air and water particles are able to travel and reach other places.

Describe your research plan at this point.  What are you planning to look at?  Wjay are your research domains?

Since I have already looked at a lot of sources I have a few primary sources that I have found from the library network.  In addition I have other sites that informed me as well.

Who is the audience for your work?  How will it make a difference; or who will care.

My audience is really for everyone because everyone maybe affected.  Everyone may be affected because air pollution affects water and food which are things that we need in order to survive.  Bad quality water or food may cause diseases that can be deadly, and for those who do have athma it will be really bad for them to breathe because of the poor air quality.



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