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Katherine’s Eight and a Half by Eleven

Cognitive psychology is defined as the study of the mind; it explains and gives reasoning to our actions. But how can I have an effective medium explaining why different areas of psychology are interrelated and/or relevant to everyday life. This is why a picture book would be the most effective medium because it contains the visual attraction which will interest the youth but the useful information that will interest the older folks.

The purpose of this book is to bring what we take for granted to light, or even the simplest tasks. After seeing the TED talk with Al Seckel the idea of optical illusion has really struck out to me, so that would be one of the subtopics, I was hoping to also include one of my own optical illusions. Another idea that really interests me is the idea of lying such as why do people doing and is it considered lying if at the time you say you will do something you honest believe you would? I’m also hoping to incorporate some bigger concepts such as time, color, possibly evolution or religion, all depending on the research that comes up. I have a mental map set but all that I need is to get the research done which could also help me branch out some plans.

A piece similar to my ideal final project would be The Pop up Book of Phobias by Matthew Reinhart. I like this piece because the images give more meaning to the story and get the point across easier and faster. Although this is not a problem I still believe that there should be more informational books about cognitive psychology. Ultimately the goal is to reach out the reader and inspire them to look at the world in a new way and that person could possibly help evolve mankind. This is why I care to possibly help mankind evolve, which may be a high goal but as long as one person is enlightened I feel I have accomplished. This is why my audience is the general public although I’m not sure how I will make it to general public, possibly through the web.



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