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Project Question Answers

1. What is video game culture really about?

2. I am going to write an ethnographical essay on gamer culture. In order to do this I am going to attend as many video gaming expos and tournaments (as well as small scale “hang-outs”) as I can and document my experience through photography and writing.

3. As a gamer myself, I care about capturing the true spirit of gaming and dispelling the rumors that have been spread about people who play video games or work in the gaming industry. Some people think video games create serial killers out of the children who play them, while others believe that video games make people smarter or can be used as teaching tools. Some think that games are art, and others think that calling games art is akin to calling a McDonald’s Happy Meal a five-star dinner. I intend to delve deep into gamer culture, find out what gaming really is about, and share my knowledge with the world.

4. My plan is to attend several gaming expos and tournaments to examine the culture on a larger scale, and to document my experiences playing video games with friends. I will also be interviewing people who hate games, people who love them, people who are indifferent to games, and people in the industry itself so as to get as many varied opinions as possible. I will also be paying close attention to ethnographers like Larry Clarke (who’s gritty depictions of teenage life are told mostly through pictures) and Bronislaw Malinowski (who takes a more scientific and analytical approach to studying cultures around the world) to inspire me.

5. My audience is generally everyone, but on a more narrowed scale, it is the men and women who believe that video games are dangerous or bad. These opinions are usually biased or based on incorrect information—or lack of information—and I aim to, at the very least, teach those who see games as a root of evil that there’s more to games than that, and that video games are more than just games.



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