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Questions 1-5

Culture is what a society is based on and what gives them social norms. Culture differs from every part of the world. How does a society’s culture influence an architectural structure?

The best way this answer is going to be answered is through writing. Through this writing I will explain the influence that culture holds on architects.

Well I don’t think it is a problem. It is something you can get educated on and learn from. I am highly interested in this because history and architecture is what I might want to pursuit in the future.

The region I choose to do is Japan. Well Japan has a great deal of history and they have magnificent buildings, shrines, temples, and parks. Why do they do what they do where does there influence come from. It is very different from the western type of living and even world.

I don’t have an ideal audience. My audience would have to be people sort of interested in the same thing as I am. This is a very interesting topic for me and I feel like it can help for new upcoming architects to find a little bit of history behind their job.



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