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Late Spring Break homework.

(I did most of this already, I just didn’t know we had to post it on here sorry)

1. Watch or read something related to your project.

I watched one of Daniel Pink’s lectures on motivation in the business world. It talked about how the carrot stick approach to motivating people does not work anymore. Pink says that intrinsic motivation is better than extrinsic motivation. All of the details are in my research notebook.

2. Find an example of something that resembles what you want to do.

I am aiming to create a documentary that teaches people the different histories of motivation, and then that states my opinion of it with my personal experiences, encounters, and interviews. I have yet to find a documentary that does all this in one. Most things that I find that have to do with motivation in the classroom are books, lectures, YouTube videos, and videos that try to motivate people instead of describe motivation.

3. I had a conversation with my internship supervisor and another intern. We did not have a chance to document it but they directed me to a teacher named John Taylor Gatto. He accepted an award for teacher of the year and in his speech deprecated the school system and talked about what doesn’t mostivate students.


4. Post the link to your Flow// post to Facebook and ask friends to give you feedback on your project idea.

5. Read at least 3 peoples ideas and give feedback

I responded to Dana, Chris and Syra.



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