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8 1/2 x 11

1. How does the music industry control artists and their consumers? 2.  I am going to create a visual album. The album will consist of spoken word that I have written about my issue. I’ve looked at and studied the history of spoken word. 3. I care about this problem because I feel like music … Continue reading

Paul’s Spring Break Asighnment

My area of focus is Art. My project idea is to create a Picture book of a young adult who goes to school, and faces all these issue that a teenager faces once in a while. The point of my project is to show and explain how kids are affected by issues and people that … Continue reading

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Spring Break Assignments: 1. To help prepare for my project I am reading Making of Comics by Scott McCloud. This book can help me draw a comic. Another book that will help me is To teach the journey, in comics by William AYers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner. 2. An example of what I want my senior project to … Continue reading

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