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1. What is video game culture really about? 2. I am going to write an ethnographical essay on gamer culture. In order to do this I am going to attend as many video gaming expos and tournaments (as well as small scale “hang-outs”) as I can and document my experience through photography and writing. 3. … Continue reading

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Im not very sure about what i want to do, but I know i want to create a film about how adolescents view some sort of problem that we struggle with all over the world.

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Spring Break Assigment: 1) A book that relates to my senior project is Ophelia Specks by Sara Shandler. This book is filled with more than a hundred stories from girls talking about their insecurities. This book inspired me to create my senior project which is to collect stories from girls who are my age about … Continue reading

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1. I’ve recently seen this film titled KIDS which was released in 1995. The film is about this guy named Telly who only wants to have sex with virgin because through that he thinks he can’t get at STD’s. In another scene of girls, they talk about sex and who they have done it with and … Continue reading