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1. What is video game culture really about? 2. I am going to write an ethnographical essay on gamer culture. In order to do this I am going to attend as many video gaming expos and tournaments (as well as small scale “hang-outs”) as I can and document my experience through photography and writing. 3. … Continue reading

Questions 1-5

Culture is what a society is based on and what gives them social norms. Culture differs from every part of the world. How does a society’s culture influence an architectural structure? The best way this answer is going to be answered is through writing. Through this writing I will explain the influence that culture holds … Continue reading

Jonathan Guzman 1-5 questions

Jonathan Guzman What is your question/problem? The problem is that people are using non-clean resources to obtain energy such as coal and natural gas and it is producing air pollution which is affecting food and water quality. Describe your medium if you know it.  What precedents- similar pieces – you have looked at? I have … Continue reading

amadou project

why are some rappers underrated? why does music hype people up? using auto-tune  helps music better? rules differences between the wnba and the Nba

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Spring Break Assignments: 1. To help prepare for my project I am reading Making of Comics by Scott McCloud. This book can help me draw a comic. Another book that will help me is To teach the journey, in comics by William AYers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner. 2. An example of what I want my senior project to … Continue reading